The Symbol of Peace and Kindness, Dandelion was born in 2007 when sculptor Gregory Pototsky was contemplating what unites all of humanity.

The answer was obvious to him – “this is kindness: ” “How does  every person want to be treated? With kindness and understanding. What helps the person to become better, to be understood, and to be loved? It is kindness. Kindness became the main value on Earth. People are only human when they are kind.  Every problem we face can be solved with kindness. Kindness is the solution to all problems. Where there is kindness, there are no boundaries. If we follow the law of kindness, boundaries won’t interfere with the promotion of ideas. The violation of this law leads to all conflicts between both people and countries.”

The idea was quickly picked up by the world community, and at currently the Dandelion has already been installed in more than 30 countries. In these cities, locals proposed to hold a week of kindness or a year of kindness.

Geography of the Dandelion: France, Val d’Isère; Austria, Grossgmain; Hungary, Nagykanizsa; Estonia, the city of Tallinn; Latvia, the city of Jurmala; Ukraine, Nikolaev; Russia, Moscow and Zheleznogorsk; China, Guangzhou City; Philippines, Cebu; Nepal, Kathmandu; Mexico, Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen; Colombia, the city of Medellin; Ecuador, proud of Quito; USA, Minneapolis; Pakistan, Islamabad; Kyrgyzstan, the city of Bishkek; Greece, Rhodes; Spain, Tenerife, Los Gigantes; Italy, Sicily, Agrigento; Malaysia, Sungai Petani; Switzerland, Geneva; Nagorno-Karabakh, the city of Stepanakert; El Salvador, San Salvador; Nicaragua.