The symbol of kindness in the world

About the Project

When we started working on the project, we came up with the idea of creating spaces of power on our planet – spaces where people will concentrate positive energy through positive thinking.  We all know that our thoughts give rise to our actions; therefore we believe that all thoughts are material, and the future of our planet depends on how humanity thinks now.

The Symbol of Peace and Kindness attracts people to stop in front of it and think about peace, kindness, and love. In those spaces where the Symbol is installed, people have started the tradition of putting their hands to the palms of the Dandelion while mentally sending warm wishes to people close to them.

We believe that the perfect locations for creating such positive spaces on the planet is at international airports throughout the world. Airports are the place where the lives of millions of people from different social statuses, nationalities, religions, and cultures cross paths.

Everyone can join the project

Why did dandelion become the Symbol of Peace and Kindness ?

The dandelion was not chosen by chance. The dandelion’s white flower head is composed of numerous small florets or seeds and at the slightest blow, they instantly fly apart releasing new shoots which is very much in tune with the idea of ​​the project: to sow good seeds throughout the Earth.

The sculpture is made of bronze. The dandelion’s flower head is shaped into numerous palms and open eyes which together make the shape of a ball, symbolizing the planet Earth. Widely opened eyes and palms facing outward signify sincerity and purity of intentions when we go toward each other.

Author of the project

Gregory Pototsky
The president of the International Academy of Kindness, a world-famous sculptor and an artist, who made portraits of many famous people such as UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Andrei Sakharov, Charles Aznavour, Gerard Depardieu, Paolo Coelho, and many other politicians and artists of the world. Most of them visited Gregory’s studio in Moscow. The sculptor has already installed more than 140 sculptures in 45 countries.


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