Anyone and everyone can become part of the team

Next to the Dandelion there is stand with the palm print. You can put your hand into the palm print and mentally connect with your loved ones, wishing them well-being, kindness, peace, and love.

Put your palm to the palm print and mentally send positive thoughts to your loved ones. While doing this take a picture, and then send it to us with a little story about yourself.

Take a photo with Dandelion, post it on Facebook, VKontakte or Instagram with the hashtags: #dandelionofkindness #symbol_of_kindness_and_peace . This way you will send impulse of kindness to others.

You can become a partner of the project. To do this, leave a request by writing to us on symbolofkindness@gmail.com.


Please contact us on any questions, share your photos with us, send your stories. Feedback is very important to us. Our email: symbolofkindness@gmail.com.

Also you can contact us using the contact form.