Sculpture “Dandelion” installed in Pulkovo – the Symbol of Peace and Kindness

A unique object of contemporary art now decorates the central passenger terminal of Pulkovo airport. The sculpture of the Dandelion, Symbol of Peace and Kindness, created by the Russian sculptor Gregory Pototsky has been installed on the square of the airport of St. Petersburg.

Pulkovo became the first airport in Russia to host the “Dandelion of Kindness”, giving a start to the international project on installing such sculptures in world’s airports. The project is run by a businessman, public figure, and philanthropist Arkady Pekarevsky.

 “The Symbol of Peace and Kindness , Dandelion” is the project of the International Academy of Kindness, and the image of the sculpture is very much in tune with the idea of ​​ the mission of the Academy – “to sow good on the Earth.” The dandelion’s white flower head is composed of numerous small florets or seeds and at the slightest blow, they instantly fly apart, giving new shoots. According to the author’s idea, the airports were chosen for the installation because the lives of millions of people cross there from different social statuses, nationalities, religions, and cultures. In the future there are plans to install about 100 Symbols at international airports around the world.

“This monument says that we are all children of one planet, and only together, with kindness in our heart, will we be able to preserve our fragile peace,” Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of St. Petersburg said at the opening ceremony on June 9, 2017.

“We are developing a program to attract contemporary art objects to Pulkovo starting from 2013.  Since Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia we aim to create not only a modern passenger terminal, but also a unique cultural environment with its atmosphere because tourists start knowing the city from the airport. We are sure that “Dandelion” will be an excellent addition to the art space of Pulkovo”- said Vladimir Yakushev, CEO of the managing company of the Pulkovo airport.

The “Dandelion” is made of granite and bronze. The height of the sculpture is 3.5 m, and the weight is 1.5 tons. The cap of the “Dandelion” consists of metal hands and eyes that form the shape of a ball symbolizing the planet Earth. Wide eyes and hands speak of the sincerity and purity of intention.

“The Symbol of Peace and Kindness, Dandelion” has already been installed in more than 30 countries. The author of the project is Gregory Pototsky, President of the International Academy of Kindness, a world-famous sculptor who created a portrait gallery of famous people including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Andrei Sakharov, Charles Aznavour, Gerard Depardieu, Paolo Coelho, and other political and public cultural figures of Russia and the world.