The Sculpture, symbolizing peace and kindness – a dandelion, the cap of which is made of hands, was installed at the Pulkovo airport.

June 7, the authors of the project – the International Academy of Kindness – have completed the installation of the sculpture in front of the Pulkovo airport. Now the Dandelion will remind  the city residents and tourists about peace and kindness.

The “Dandelion” is made of hands and they form the shape of a ball, symbolizing the planet Earth. As noted by the creators, the image of a dandelion is in tune with the mission of the International Academy of Kindness – “to sow good on things on the Earth”.

The dandelion’s white flower head is composed of numerous small florets or seeds and at the slightest blow they instantly fly apart giving new shoots. In the future another hundred Symbols will appear in international airports around the world making up the matrix of kindness.