A monument to peace and kindness in the shape of a dandelion has been installed on the square near the St. Petersburg airport on Friday, June 9. It is planned that such flowers will blossom in a hundred world’s airports.

According to the Governor press office, it is a flower made of bronze and granite weighing 1.5 tons and a height of three and a half meters. The idea of ​​the monument belongs to the President of the International Academy of Kindness, the sculptor, Gregory Pototsky. According to the author’s idea, the wide-open palms with eyes on them speak of the sincerity and purity of intentions. The cap of “Dandelion” is made of palms and they form the shape of a ball, symbolizing the planet Earth.

About 30 symbols have already been installed around the world, including China, Estonia, France, Austria, and Mexico. In Russia, the project was supported by businessman Arkady Pekarevsky, who plans to install a hundred more of these compositions in the airports of different cities of the world because the airports are the place where “the lives of millions of people cross.” The implementation will take 10 years.

The Pulkovo management says that the Dandelion is a wonderful addition to the art space of the St. Petersburg airport.