The Dandelion has been installed at the Pulkovo international airport within the framework of the project “Symbol of Peace and Kindness at the world’s airports.” The opening ceremony was held on June 9, 2017.

 The Governor of St. Petersburg, Georgy Poltavchenko took part in the event. During his speech, the Governor noted that such projects are very important nowadays: “The Dandelion reminds us how fragile human life is, and how easy it is to destroy it. And maybe, by passing by the Dandelion, people, for a moment may think that we are all children of our planet which is actually small and very fragile, and only together with kindness and love in our hearts we will be able to save our planet from destruction.”

 The team of the International Academy of Kindness led by the founders of the project, Gregory Pototsky and Arkady Pekarevsky worked for several months to make the idea come true.

The leader of the project, Arkady Pekarevsky shared his feelings: “What do I feel now? Joy, pride, happiness and gratitude. What we have been working on for three months has come to life today. When something happens from nothing, it is hard to believe that it happened.  And now I have a few mixed feelings. The first feeling is happiness that we made it. The second is gratitude to those people who supported us and helped us make it a reality. I am referring to the Governor of Saint Petersburg and the director of the airport.   And I also feel pride for my team which worked so well and determinedly that even at the peak of stress everything went very well.”

At the end of the ceremony, the honorary guests placed the palms of their hands to the palm of the Dandelion wishing the project a successful start.

 The team of the International Academy of Kindness is planning to install the Symbols in 100 world airports within 10 years. And we hope that all progressive societies  of the planet that also share the principles of peace and kindness, will join the project.