Poltavchenko hopes the sculpture “Dandelion” will make people think about the fragility of the Earth

Today, a sculpture of the Dandelion was unveiled at the Pulkovo airport. Governor Georgy Poltavchenko attended the ceremony.

Such a flower is already installed in Estonia, France, China, the Philippines and many other countries. But the project of installing a symbol in international airports around the world starts in the airport of St. Petersburg.

The “Dandelion” symbolizes peace and kindness. It is planned to install approximately one hundred sculptures at the airports of other countries.

GEORGY POLTAVCHENKO, Governor of St. Petersburg:

“At the airport where people of different nationalities, of different cultures and professions are strangers to each other and are busy living their own lives are passing by this dandelion and might stop for a second and think that we are all children of the same planet which is very small and fragile”.

The author of the project is the world famous Russian sculptor Gregory Pototsky, whose works have been already installed in different countries.

The place for installation was chosen not by chance. According to the organizers, the airport is the place where the lives of millions different people cross.

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