The Dandelion has been installed in San Salvador. The opening ceremony took place at the international airport of San Salvador. The date of the ceremony was chosen not by chance, but because that day the country was celebrating the 25th anniversary of the establishment of peace in El Salvador.

 Gregory Pototsky commented on the event: “El Salvador’s mountains were literally covered by dead bodies 25 years ago. A documentary about El Salvador which has recently appeared on the screen, shows what horror was holding sway over the country at that time. Eventually, militant groups realized that everyone needed peace and there was no winner in the war. So 25 years ago they sat down at the negotiating table that led to the peace in El Salvador.. To mark this landmark moment, the Symbol of Peace and Kindness was installed in the airport of San Salvador on the 25th anniversary of peace in the Salvadoran land. It proves that kindness is the solution to all problems on the planet.”

The special guests of ceremony were the Minister of Culture, Deputy Foreign Minister, Deputy Minister of Defense, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, UN Head in El Salvador and adviser, Victor Popovich from the Russian Embassy. The event was widely covered by the mass media.

After the Dandelion was installed at the airport, it was decided to rename the square near the airport the Square of Kindness.