The governor of the Ulyanovsk region, Sergey Morozov signed an order on the implementation of the “Decade of Kindness” program in the region aiming at spreading humanity principles in society. 

 “Today, we’re facing a lot of negative things which have been accumulated in society, and we need to make people kinder and more sympathetic. We made the decision to bring up a generation of Kindness..” – said Sergey Morozov.

The main goals of the project are to involve citizens in charity and volunteer activities, to develop projects in the sphere of spiritual education, to support the social initiatives, and to promote family values.

The first part of the project is to bring up  the “Generation of Kindness”  which is about the education of children, the popularization of ideas of charity, and the introduction of charity and volunteer services to the work of educational institutions. The second part is “kindness to the closed ones” which includes activities for people with disabilities and also for religious projects.

There will also be a direction towards “Eco-good” which includes working for the improvement of the environmental situation.

It’s being planned to create special resting areas within the framework of the “Territory of Kindness”.  The direction towards a “Culture of kindness” implies the promotion of  art such as  movies, photo exhibitions and art exhibitions.

The program has been designed for 2017-2027. The start of the Decade of Kindness will begin on September 1.