On June 1, on the International Children’s Day, The Symbol of Peace and Kindness Dandelion was installed on the grounds of the Podolsk City Children’s Hospital.

It is no coincidence that the place for Dandelion was chosen at the children’s hospital.  As we want all children to grow up healthy and happy, we hope hope that our symbol will make people stop at it near and send impulses of love and wishes for a speedy recovery to all children who are in the hospital. And children who leave hospital after recovery with their parents will have a reason to remember the doctors, thank them and wish health to those who are still undergoing treatment in the hospital.

The world-famous sculptor Gregory Pototsky, Andrei Gritsyshin, Priest  of the Znamenetsky Temple in Dubrovitsy, Pavel Maksimovich, Deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma, and 1st Deputy Head of the Podolsk City District administration , Viktor Chub took part in the opening ceremony.